"Abandonment" FYP

This environment was created for my final year project at university the goal was to create a horror styled scene without using the standard horror tricks for example spraying blood everywhere, I wanted to take games such as PT and RE7 for inspiration as their control over lighting is just incredible and lighting is key to a believable scene.

There is always room for improvement and I plan on making a few changes over the coming days for our university end of year show but on the whole though I am very happy with the final shots here and even the video sequence it was only my second time using the sequencer in UE4 but I started to get a good feel for it at the end of the project, I learnt so much from doing this environment and I cant wait to use these new skills in brand new environments.

Go here for a close up of the tabletop assets! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/omzxW

FYP Environment "Abandonment"